The problem: How to add to your revenues without adding significantly to your costs?

The solution: The Whirla Whip® Center -- offering you substantial margins and gross revenues with little added labor and overhead.  All in a space of 50 to 100 square feet!

Don't think of Whirla Whip® as a delicious dairy product (though it is). Think of Whirla Whip® as a money making system that stacks the financial odds in your favor.  With simple accounting, low investment and an ingenious portion control program.

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A unique product: Some ice cream stores offer their customers 31 flavors.

With a Whirla Whip® Center, you'll be offering 25 billion!  Yet a Whirla Whip serving is actually faster and easier than a conventional ice cream cone. By combining Whirla Whip® or yogurt with M & M's, Oreos, Snickers, fruits, nuts, cookies or candies, your customers can create their own individual flavors -- one after another -- from the same dispenser.

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